Parents & Community

COVID 19 update

The Willow Creek Elementary School District is committed to the philosophy that parent and community involvement is paramount in our student’s education; consequently, involvement is one of the highest priorities at the school site. The rural nature of our small community provides for a unique relationship between the Willow Creek people and the school. We have a well represented School Site Council (SIP). Its function is to make recommendations for the spending of school-based consolidated program expenditures, and to do actual planning on enrichment programs. These enrichment programs have included; Educational Ski Program, Choral Music Program, Adaptive Physical Education Program, Educational Field Trips and Special instructional equipment.

Volunteers: Parents and family members of students from the Willow Creek Elementary School District can become involved in their child’s education in the following ways:

  • Assist with home to school communication
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Booster Club meetings and functions
  • Become a Site Council member
  • Classroom parent volunteers
  • Help with fund raising
  • Join class field trips
  • Participate in creating, revising and supporting new district policies such as the Discipline Matrix
  • Positive public relations (tag, brag & tweet the news!)
  • Volunteer and support the After School Program
  • Work in the library